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Day 247 (backlog) Frost

We stopped overnight on our way to snow – it is a long drive from Sydney. We woke to frost and a frozen windscreen on the car. While hubby was clearing the windscreen – I took some shots.


Mammoth mountain

Day 43:  We get right amongst it, grabbed the ski’s and ride the chair lift.  Great to be able to walk out the door to the snow.  So beautiful here at Mammoth Mountain.  Can’t believe the weather we’re having – blue skies all day, snowfall over night to tracks all freshly covered.  Can’t complain, things are good!  I’m very lucky and blessed.

Day 43: Room with a view

Snowy mountains here we come

Day 42:  We’re driving to the snow today…..yippee, blue skies, soft powder!  Long car drive with no toilet break……booooo!  Being with your family 24/7 for a long period of time does make you appreciate the times you can be alone.  This is not to say you don’t love being with family, it’s just nice not to talk or be in demand, to just be.  Looking forward to staying in one place long enough to unpack  my suitcase.

Day 42: First Glimpse of Snowy Mountains