26 days of hiatus

Day 243: Ok I am well and truely behind in my blogs, my apologies. I will be playing catch up, as have been taking photo’s all this time, just haven’t had the time to blog them. The juggling act of mother, wife, housekeeper and now student has taken a toll and this blog site was the first thing to give.  It’s times like these we need ice cream to motivate us – so here is my next photo – copenhagen icecream window – devil chocolate for me please!


Fairy Shell Garden

Day 242: A day of outdoors, green recycling all the tree branches to the tip today. We then went down to the beach for a bit of exercise and fresh air.  We ended up walking quiet a way. The motivation – collecting mini shells for a fairy shell garden – my daughter’s idea – how sweet. Here’s the collection.


Day 241: The busy wet week has taken a toll on the family. Two sick and on antibiotics and two of us (me included) trying to keep the bugs at bay. Researching typewriters on the internet – amazing the old styles out there. Think I’ll get myself one, may come in handy with design course…yes that is all I focus on and talk about lately, sorry if I’m boring you with it 🙂

Friday Flop

Day 240: A breather today. Coffee with a girlfriend and stroll around shops for art supplies. Nice to stop and chill a bit today. Photos of reflections today I noticed in my apple icon on computer screen – love depth of field.


Day 239: Spent most of the day at college library researching art history – love looking through the history books and rediscovering Art Deco and the elegant women, Pop Art with Andy Warhol, and loving “The Kiss” from Gustav Klimt (art nouveau). My brain is a sponge – so exciting!  No photo’s today but here is “The Kiss” painting I like.

Freezing motion

Day 238: Back to college today. Feel Iike I’m an artist – three hours of drawing – and all the different types of pencils we need.  Our discussion over group assignment confirms – I still have a brain and am on the right track – phew! We had imaging this evening and DSLR came in handy. Taking photo’s of movement and creating a blur (far left)!

Blogs to the side

Day 237: I’ve been really slack on getting my blogs up and am pre-occupied studying. Haven’t even been running either – there goes all that training and fitness.  I can feel the middle bulge sneaking back on!  I’m occupied with paper – yes PAPER.  The textures, prints and recycling it.  I found a great little paper arty shop in my local shopping strip – yeah!  I’ve also been to op shops looking for old newspaper prints and found this lovely handmade box  – WHY?  – you might ask – well I have to make a book from scratch and hence – I need a cover, inside pages and I’m going with a recycling them!