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School Camp – Gold Panning

Day 197: One home sick still, one off to school camp – gold panning! Nice cold weather for panning. Flickr image used here. Will be able to post more when my son returns with the camera!


Keeping Consumerism at Bay

Bird on an Iceicle

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Day 194: Freezing weather here at the moment so we can’t prelong it any longer – decide to get carpet to replace flooded one. This means a visit to the homemaker shops, as yes more consumerism ensues. It’s like a drug, I even get caught up in it. You go to the shops and the next thing your saying you need that, or how nice this is – all stuff that you don’t really need at all. Best to avoid these situations. So a rug is on order and we should be warm soon.

Photo from flickr – feels this icey here!

Dangerous Headers

Day 190: Sore neck. I went and saw a physio who thinks I have a whiplash injury, from heading a soccer ball of all things! It won’t stop me playing tonight, just no more headers!

Image from flickr: and this is usually the kind of face I pull too.

Return of the Zimmerframes

Well I’ve been to Cambodia and back and can hardly believe I’ve done it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to blog from my mobile phone from overseas so I made a journal of my adventures. So I will continue on with my days as I saw them from Cambodia. Enjoy xx

24 March, 2010 14:17

Test blog from my mobile phone

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Paper Crane

Day 103:  I was looking up some craft projects to take with me to Cambodia to teach the kids. One of the items the school was interested in receiving was more origami paper/ workbooks. So today I looked up how to make a paper crane, after my son told me they had read the book at school Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes . If you don’t know the story (which is true)  it is about a young girl who develops leukemia after the atomic bomb was dropped in HiroshimaJapan in 1945.  Sadako starting making paper cranes after her best friend made one for her and spurred on by the Japanese saying that one who folded 1,000 cranes was granted a wish.

Anyway I found out I really suck at following instructions for origami! I couldn’t follow the written instructions and ended up searching youtube for  video instruction to help. And finally I have my paper crane, not perfect, but at least resembles a crane!

It’s a lovely sentiment about the paper crane in Sadako’s story and today I’m thankful to know about this and to try to pass it on to you.

Camera Accessories

Day 84:  I’ve been looking at camera gear today.  The gorillapod to take with me travelling rather than the tripod – has anyone used these??? Would love to hear feedback about them.  Also filter’s for my Canon DSLR – any recommendations here?  From what the camera shop assistant was saying filter’s don’t really affect the image/shot that is taken, but mainly just to protect the camera lens from water spray or dust. amateur

I’ve been playing around with light, black & white, different shots through glass and this one below self-portrait, which isn’t original (sorry for lack of creativity today) but here it is!  Grateful today for good health, as a few people in my family are struggling with their health.  Hope you feel better soon x