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Wicked Birthday Celebrations

Day 227: Today we went into the city to see Wicked at the Capitol Theatre! A great day followed by a night out in The Rocks for dinner.

Some photos taken with a little Olympus digital and the night shots around The Rocks taken with my Canon DSLR.

This was amazing sculpture carved into flat sandstone, with real chains at his feet.

This was in an alley way called the “Nurses Walk”, which used to lead up to an old hospital.  Loved the feel and was trying to get the family walking away from me, then my little precious turned to look at me – but I like the way it turned out.  Just adjusted to b/w and hey presto!


Sydney Night Shots

Day 199: Went into the city this evening to see the Vivid Light Festival. Check out these night shots, I was pretty happy with them.

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Sunday Explorations

Day 179: Sunday family day. We’ve been going into the city to go exploring a bit more with the kids since we live so close. You always forget to explore in your own backyard so to speak. So today we headed to the Maritime Museum (ulterior motive – ski fair on) at Darling Harbour. It was overcast but the rain held off, so it was great walking around the waterfront. We went on a tall ship as well and later drove around other parts of the city to explore for next visit in here. Some great shots today, and inspired from yesterday’s photo course I gave a few things a try – like panning (still haven’t mastered this one) check out examples below.

We were watching the sun go down near the opera house and look at the different array of lighting we got!

Now the last image is the panning shot – I said I’m still mastering this technique!

Photo course with Chris Bray

Day 178: An early start with my photography course today. I booked in with Chris Bray, an adventure photographer, and at the perfect setting Taronga Zoo Sydney. We had an 8am start and didn’t finish till 5pm. A lot to absorb in a day. He had some great stories about how he got a lot of his shots, tips and tricks, but most importantly he was able to explain F stop numbers in a way I could remember them! Depth of field in photography can be shallow or deep, if you want a close up of an object with blurred background you should use a low F/number. But if you want a deep field (a lot of things in focus) use a high f/number. I borrowed one of his macro lens and loved it, so I have put it on my wish list!

We also learnt how to do a panning shot, kind of cool – harder to get the knack of.    The course was theory and prac sessions and considering the wet weather we managed to keep mostly dry.

The waterfall shots are practicing the effects of shutter speed to capture water movement.

Waterfall f/22

Waterfall F/3.5

The shot of the opera house and harbour bridge is the view from the zoo back to the city.  I like this shot through the glass with the raindrops.

View from zoo to city


Day 165: My sister in law and I saw “Wicked” the muscial today. It was awesome, I had goosebumps from the singing. I forgot how much I like going to the theatre. I especially loved the song “popular” and the scene reminded me of the girly things I used to do as a kid, jumping on the bed, doing scissor kicks, a trip down memory lane!

Family Drive

Day 143:  We pack the kids up and go exploring today…kind of like a lazy Sunday drive, except it’s Saturday.  We head down south to a National Park to find out what the camping grounds are like, a two-hour drive.  The kids are restless and enjoy the freedom outside the confines of the car. There was a beautiful lake, see shot below.

We then head back home before a storm hits us, via the city to catch the view of the storm coming over the cityscape as night falls.

Art Gallery

Day 140:  I went to the Art Gallery of NSW today with some girlfriends to see the Archibald Prize finalists.  For those who don’t know about the Archibald Prize it is an art competition for best portrait of a recognisable  identity.  I’ve put a link here to the finalists (amazing works).

While we were walking around the gallery it was interesting to see what each of us (girlfriends) found appealing and why.  I love the portraits that are real life (almost like a photography) because I know it takes a real skill to recreate the imagery.  However another girlfriend thought this wasn’t showing an artist interpretation (just copying) and she preferred the abstract portraits more because it showed the artists interpretation of the person. Hmmm what do you think?  I think both are skilled.

My favourites were: Martin Ball’s “Jacqueline Fahey” (so real, you could see the pores in her face), the light reflecting off her earrings.  I loved the artist Jasper Knight “Bill Wright AM”  in mixed media (the tiles, recycled signs – awesome).  I liked Craig Ruddy’s work of “The Prince of Darkness – Warwick Thornton” – not because of the whole image, but because it was lit-up from behind – making it orange.  But all time winner was the Peter Smeeth’s portrait of “Peter FitzSimons, author” because it was so real – just like a photography.  There you have, check them all out yourself.  Inspirational day, so much talent in these artists.

My photo today is a blend of three, learning to work more with layers on the Mac!