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Day 250: (backlog) Big Merino

Looking back through photos of the snow trip and I just had to show you these ones. My daughter has this amazing spirit and ability to make you laugh no matter what the situation, so here amongst our sadness driving home, she finds some humour at the Big Merino!

Posing for Front View:

Back view (cheeky girl)


Day 249: (backlog) Sad News

We received some bad news over night. My husband’s grandfather passed away suddenly. Very unexpected. Today we drive home with frequent stops for hugs and remembering the important things in life – your family and spending time together.  Some shots of the landscape on the way home.

Day 248: (backlog) Beautiful Mountains

A great skiing day, perfect weather – sunny and clear.
Afternoon delight – Mt Selwyn ski fields.

Day 247 (backlog) Frost

We stopped overnight on our way to snow – it is a long drive from Sydney. We woke to frost and a frozen windscreen on the car. While hubby was clearing the windscreen – I took some shots.

Day 246: (backlog) Family Dynamics

We are leaving to go to the snow today, and of course my husband and daughter are sick with a terrible chest cold and both on antibiotics! A great start to the trip – yes we still went – nothing stops us from the snow! Crazy.
Photography assignment: Lost in Light – I like this one with help of daughter posing for me.

Day 245: (backlog) Night shot

Driving home from college and I hadn’t taken a photo yet. So decided to take one with my mobile phone camera, as I waited at the lights! I like all the dash lights and the traffic lights.

Day 244: (backlog) Streaks of light

Some shots over the next few days, from my course – Imaging assignment. We were given words and had to take journalist shots to represent these words. Enjoy.  This one is : blur a car, slow shutter speed love the lights left behind from a bus.