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Day 204:  I woke up with news today that the Australian government is in the middle of deciding if our current Prime Minister will remain, just that! A morning of watching TV highlights and finally the announcement  – that we have our first female Prime Minister, Julie Gillard!

Other than this exciting news, I’ve been working on the website (a friends – as mentioned in previous posts -still), and trying to find images that show change. So back out into the garden to take more shots of change!  Seems change is around on all fronts today.



Day 167: Avoidance is my tactic today. The website troubles has pushed me to my limit, so I decided to go out today and avoid it. A walk along the beach is great to clear the head. Check out the beautiful weather we’re having here in Australia and it’s Autumn! This photo is original from my mobile phone, colours untouched!


Day 165: My sister in law and I saw “Wicked” the muscial today. It was awesome, I had goosebumps from the singing. I forgot how much I like going to the theatre. I especially loved the song “popular” and the scene reminded me of the girly things I used to do as a kid, jumping on the bed, doing scissor kicks, a trip down memory lane!

Anzac Day

Day 144: It’s Anzac Day here in Australia, a day when we remember all the soldiers who fought for our country. We watch the marching of the ex-servicemen and women down the city streets. I must admit, as a kid I wasn’t interested in giving thanks for what these guys did for our country. But since becoming a mother, a wife, you can truly imagine sending your husband or son off to war. It is a very courageous thing to go to war, and a lot of people are still going to war today. To you I give thanks, for keeping our borders safe, for fighting for human rights for those who can’t defend themselves.

Sydney State of Mind

View from Ripples

Day 106: I heard the funniest rip off of “Empire state of mind” today called Sydney State of Mind, on Nova radio station. See link below if you want to listen to it.

I had a lovely lunch date today with my hubby at Ripples in Milson’s Point, which overlooks Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.  Amazing views.  I took a few shots to show you how wonderful Sydney is.  A real stunner of a day.  Grateful for my lovely hubby, spoiling me and making me feel special.  Love is in the air!

I’ve been playing around with editing my photo’s in Picnik.  I love some of the effects, especially the old vintage look (vespa). What do you think?

Love the reflection in windows

Vespa outside restaurant

Beautiful cityscape

Sydney Opera House

Autumn rain

Day 89:  The first day of Autumn, and the rain came down today.  Was feeling really tired today after a big weekend.  Decided to spend some time (fun) researching my camera functions to capture movement in photos and fast shutter speeds to freeze water.  Of course this was also in between the housework jobs I  have neglected over the weekend (chore).  I am posting a few photo’s today, one of a visitor who we hear every night on our roof (not a prowler) but a possum.  He came out to visit after our BBQ on the weekend so the kids gave him a pear to eat.  The other shots are of me trying to capture the rain today (would have been a funny sight if the neighbours saw me, out with my camera under an umbrella trying to get shots of the rain).  Enjoyed the moment today and the rain and for this I’m thankful!

Try on Life Song

Day 81:  A cruisey day today. Enjoyed the beach with friends and family. Another day in paradise in Australia.  Found this music from Sara Janssen’s photography site and just had to share it with you all.


Rockpool steps