Third Culture Kid

Day 202: I was reading about this today, I’ve never heard of it before – here is an excerpt:

TCK stands for “Third Culture Kid“: kids who spend a significant portion of their childhood in a culture outside of their own, and combines this new culture with their home culture and the cultures of the other TCKs around them to create a distinct third culture. While exciting to belong to such an exclusive group with an opportunity to create friendships that cross social and cultural barriers that most of us would never even encounter in our lives, for many of them it’s also pretty hard. One never really belongs to a place, and rarely knows how to answer when asked, “Where are you from?”

So reading this makes me consider, with travel being so easy today and with families uprooting and living abroad for work “for a year” to experience other cultures, they are in fact creating this culture of “third culture kids”. Interesting to see this from these kids point of view. We think kids are adaptable and change is good, but do they feel they belong?

Image from Miki (self portrait), who is a TCK, Titled: “occasionally, glimpses of reality leak through”


One response to “Third Culture Kid

  1. I am a third culture kid (at 22, i’m not really a kid anymore!) but I’ve been travelling around a lot in my life… I was born in Pakistan and lived in India (studying at an international school) and Germany and travelled almost everywhere. The only place I feel at home is in an international environment, with other TCK’s.

    I try hard to fit in in Pakistan, but unfortunately I don’t even have a single close friend in here. I took a semester here and I couldn’t really make any friend because I just felt that I didn’t have much in common with people here. Some people might think I’m uptight, but I honestly try very hard to fit in. I never proudly say that I’ve lived in a lot of countries.

    One more thing I’ve noticed about TCK’s – they have soo many varied interests that they have trouble making decisions. I myself have changed my major 3 times.

    However, at the same time, I always identify myself as a Pakistani and that is probably the closest thing I have to a culture of my own.

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