Two Loves Word Cloud

Day 183: I found this poem in an old book I found at a vintage shop. I wanted to check out how a word cloud would look if you put some text, like a poem in it. So below is what happened when I put the entirety of this poem in the cloud!

Two Loves by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

The woman he loved, while he dreamed of her,
danced on till the stars grew dim,
but alone with her heart, from the world apart,
sat the woman who loved him.

The woman he worshipped only smiled
when he poured out his passionate love,
but the other somewhere, kissed her treasure most rare,
a book he had touched with his glove.

the woman he loved betrayed his trust,
and he wore the scars for life;
and he cared not, nor knew, that the other was true;
but no man called her his wife.

the woman he loved trod festal halls,
while they sang his funeral hymn,
but the sad bells tolled, ere the year was old,
for the woman who loved him.

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I love the two main words that showed up loved woman, that sums it up really.  He loved the the woman he didn’t keep.  I wish I could define meaning as easily as this in my reading!


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