Photo course with Chris Bray

Day 178: An early start with my photography course today. I booked in with Chris Bray, an adventure photographer, and at the perfect setting Taronga Zoo Sydney. We had an 8am start and didn’t finish till 5pm. A lot to absorb in a day. He had some great stories about how he got a lot of his shots, tips and tricks, but most importantly he was able to explain F stop numbers in a way I could remember them! Depth of field in photography can be shallow or deep, if you want a close up of an object with blurred background you should use a low F/number. But if you want a deep field (a lot of things in focus) use a high f/number. I borrowed one of his macro lens and loved it, so I have put it on my wish list!

We also learnt how to do a panning shot, kind of cool – harder to get the knack of.    The course was theory and prac sessions and considering the wet weather we managed to keep mostly dry.

The waterfall shots are practicing the effects of shutter speed to capture water movement.

Waterfall f/22

Waterfall F/3.5

The shot of the opera house and harbour bridge is the view from the zoo back to the city.  I like this shot through the glass with the raindrops.

View from zoo to city


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