Migraine Pain


Originally uploaded by copeg

Day 170: I had my worst migraine in 10 years last night. Unbelievable pain, thought my head was going to explode! Thanks to the care of my lovely hubby, I’m recuperating with a quite pj day at home. It’s amazing when you’re sick how the family can step up and take control. My ten year old took the reigns, and organised breakfast, made lunches and organised my five year old and husband with the routines. I heard my five year old telling my husband “mummy doesn’t do it that way” which was answered with a “well daddies doing it this way today”. Then silence as they drove down the driveway off to school and work.

Thank you all for your help today (and last nigh hun).

This shot is from flickr by Greg Cope http://www.flickr.com/photos/copeg/

(lightning representative of the pain I felt last night).


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