Teaching Kids Appreciation

Day 163: We went for a play date after school today to a friend’s house. All went great, kids played great together, we had homemade pizza..so what am I getting at. On the way home my eldest says “why can’t we have a house like them?” This really annoys me, especially having seen third world country living standards. I try the approach of “its good to have friends with different things/houses and it’s a treat to visit, would be boring if we all had the same house, toys, etc”. How do you handle kids who want more and more, thinking they are hard done by.

But my son doesn’t stop there, he continues,, “it’s not fair” and I really lose my cool. “YOU’RE NOT SERIOUSLY COMPLAINING ABOUT OUR HOUSE, BECAUSE THE KIDS IN CAMBODIA ….. you get where I’m going with this. I’m still disturbed about this conversation later in bed and wonder how can we make our kids appreciate what they have. The thought crossed my mind to sell every possession and live in a mobile home – this would teach them! (I know of someone who lives like this see her blog – http://walkslowlylivewildly.com/ Sara Jansen)  But seriously how do you do this as a parent.  We don’t give them gifts, other than school needs and at their birthday and christmas.  They earn pocket money (for doing jobs) to save for anything else they’d like to purchase.  They are not without anything and by my terms quite spoilt (have mod con’s DS game, Wii, Cd’s, computers).  How do you bring things back to the basics?


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