The Compassionate Camera

Day 152:  I’ve been meaning to look up this amazing photographer since I got back from Cambodia.  It’s a collection of photographs to help charity, by photographer Deborah Groves, amazing shots of the temples and monks, local kids. Check out her website I bought one of her shots and brought it home to remind me of my travels (my photo’s never seem to make it to print these days, all just on the computer).  This is one of my photos – not as good in comparison, but still good all the same.


One response to “The Compassionate Camera

  1. Just had a look at Helping Hands website. An article of a mother, begging for Deborah to take her 3 children to an orphanage because she couldn’t afford to feed them has made me cry. Again…. Helping Hands now employs her and she has kept her family intact. When will this country and its stories not make me cry?? Never I hope – as this means I don’t have compassion. Buy up her photos!!!

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