What is your title?

Day 142:  I keep thinking about a girlfriend’s comment to me on life directions – “Bud or Blossom”  are you going to stay tight in a bud and not let things effect you, or blossom and open up to try new exciting things.   Well I keep using this as my mantra, and trying to stay inspired on my creative journey (as I have a tendency to start things and not see them through).  So I’ve been exploring the idea of blending photography and graphic design and searched the universities course guides and found a great BA in Photography with Graphic Design.  The catch is it is in the middle of nowhere.  Do we move the whole family on a whim for my course?  I’m looking into all options and have sent emails to get further information about this and to other creative schools a bit closer to home.  The ultimate question is ” do you need to be educated (degree qualified) in art/photography to be able to call yourself one?”


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