Art Gallery

Day 140:  I went to the Art Gallery of NSW today with some girlfriends to see the Archibald Prize finalists.  For those who don’t know about the Archibald Prize it is an art competition for best portrait of a recognisable  identity.  I’ve put a link here to the finalists (amazing works).

While we were walking around the gallery it was interesting to see what each of us (girlfriends) found appealing and why.  I love the portraits that are real life (almost like a photography) because I know it takes a real skill to recreate the imagery.  However another girlfriend thought this wasn’t showing an artist interpretation (just copying) and she preferred the abstract portraits more because it showed the artists interpretation of the person. Hmmm what do you think?  I think both are skilled.

My favourites were: Martin Ball’s “Jacqueline Fahey” (so real, you could see the pores in her face), the light reflecting off her earrings.  I loved the artist Jasper Knight “Bill Wright AM”  in mixed media (the tiles, recycled signs – awesome).  I liked Craig Ruddy’s work of “The Prince of Darkness – Warwick Thornton” – not because of the whole image, but because it was lit-up from behind – making it orange.  But all time winner was the Peter Smeeth’s portrait of “Peter FitzSimons, author” because it was so real – just like a photography.  There you have, check them all out yourself.  Inspirational day, so much talent in these artists.

My photo today is a blend of three, learning to work more with layers on the Mac!


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