Stop to smell the fish

Day 133: Fishing by a lagoon today. I don’t like fishing much and always find a reason not to take my son (who loves it). Today is again providing beautiful autumn sun and I decide to stop, to be with him, and his joy of fishing. I think this is an influence from Cambodia, try to be in the moment more with my own kids.

PS. I think I did mention in the second week while I was away that I came down with a head cold in Cambodia, which started to turn into a chest infection.  I went to the pharmacy over there and you can get any medicine you want without a prescription over the counter.  The antibiotic’s I would normally take for a chest infection weren’t there, so I wasn’t game to try a different one, in case I had a reaction.  Anyways long story short I waited to get home to go to my local doctor and now have bronchitis and am on antibiotics.  So need-less-to-say I’m enjoying the sun and slow pace of things with the kids.


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