Ferry achievement

Day 135: Since catching a plane thousand of kilometres on my own (with girlfriends, but no family) I’ve become more independent and feel I can conquer anything if I put my mind to it.  So here’s my next venture.   I don’t like boats – I get seasick.  But today I decide I can take a ferry to visit my mum (since it was her birthday and all – it’s the least I can do).   So I put on a big brave face and take hold of my fear and board the ferry with my kids in tow.

The kids are fine with boats and my son keeps pointing out the waves, mean while I’m looking out to the horizon trying to keep the boat as still as I could (or my vision).  Thirty minutes later, we arrive at the wharf and I’ve conquered my fear of boats (temporarily).  Another small fear ticked off my list.  I am woman hear me roar (meow).


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