Full circle

Day 130: Check out of hotel and Cambodia. Can’t believe I’ve done it. Feel empowered to do more of my own stuff, no more drifting! Two weeks has flown by.  I can’t wait to see the family now, but it will be the next morning by the time the flight gets back to Sydney.  Two hour flight to Singapore with a 5 hour lay over there.  Then a seven hour flight to Sydney – a few more movies, food and a sleep should make this time fly (ha ha -fly).  I have no photo’s for this day as everything is packed and taking photo’s in airports seems to get security attention these days.  So, I’ve recycled a photo collage of some of my favourite bits of the trip.

Gratitude for today, I’m thankful for the experience of coming to Cambodia, I’m thankful I could maybe make a difference to one of these kids lives, I’m thankful I get to go home where I don’t want for anything (other than selfish desires as every normal person).  And I’m making a new resolution – to try not to be tempted into consumerism.  Only buy what is needed. And in traditional Cambodian style when you say good bye to them, you wish them good luck, so “good luck to you and your family”.


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