Village life

Day 125:   Not feeling well today, think the  heat is getting to me. Most days are 40 degrees celsius.   We head off to the school village today to hand out clothing and shoes we brought with us to give away.  We jump into a back of a ute and head up the village dirt roads to visit the people.  We see how they live first hand today, houses or more like huts, are built with local materials – bamboo, dried leave sheaths, families up to 12 live in a small one room hut.  Kitchen’s tend to be pots outside that use fires to heat them.  Lots of sad stories today, mum’s left to raise kids as dad’s abandoned families.  They have no money and rely on staples (rice, spices, soy sauce etc) from New Hope charity, which has monthly rice days.  Some families are funded for this and receive more (50kg rice bag) and the unsponsored families get 10kg rice bag if there is enough left over.  Some  families makes money from collecting old plastic bottles and recycling them – from a day of collecting they may earn $1 – $2.  One family we visit, they look after someone else’s cows, and for this they are allowed to keep the manure, which once they have enough of, they sell it and earn $10 (every few weeks). A real tough way to live.  Their government does not assist this people.  They do not receive any assistance, other than what the charity is able to help with.  People are on waiting lists to get tarp’s for their roof (much needed in wet season), mosquito nets to cover them at night to prevent malaria and dangy fever, bicycles which help get kids to school or earn an income.  All these things you can donate to the charity.  You have to specify what you want done with your donation – mosquito nets, or tarps, or sponsor a family. Go to New Hope Cambodia charity to help.  We see lots of sick kids as we walk through the village, some born with abnormal limbs, lots of scabies, malnutrition.  Kerry, the Charity owner and most amazing woman, knows the families personally.  She tells us their stories as we go around.  The kids follow us and are so excited to receive clothing.


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