Massage & Mojito’s

Day 123: After a full day at the temples yesterday we decide to have a day by a pool (a different resort) with a package $15 which includes use of the pool, an hour massage and lunch!  Not bad hey!  We swim in the pool for an hour or so, in between reading and laying on the deck chairs by the pool.  It then comes time for our massages…but a little to our surprise it is poolside massages, in our swimmers, in front of other guests who happen to be swimming in the pool still.   This is hilarious and we get a bout of the giggles. The massage involves the Cambodian girls entwining their body with your’s and they use their legs and feet to push and pull our limbs.  I apologise now to anyone who witnessed this view, and for those who didn’t, you could only imagine a line up of six women with legs in the air, or legs folded into yoga poses for all your glory to be shown.  They also clasp their hands together to kind of chop you, which makes an awful sound against soft muscle tissue, which again brings the giggles.  With all of this the Cambodian girls are talking in khmer language and having their own laughs, which we can only imagine what they are saying to each other.  We wind up with a final head massage to which I wish would go on forever – bliss. We gather ourselves back from exposure and head back into the pool to cool off and to enjoy a cocktail at the wet bar!  Lunch soon follows and we enjoy our burgers!

Today was exactly what I needed.  No rushing, lots of D&M’s with girlfriends, pondering life directions, our new perspective on what’s important in life and how we can help these beautiful Cambodian children we’re teaching.

I wanted to save you from the sight of our massages, so here is another valued member of our day – the cocktails, one of many Mojito’s.  Below is the aftermath of a night out (only kidding), the night lights from our tuk tuk on the way home!  I love the movement of the neon lights in this shot.


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