Matilida’s Trivia

Day 120: We went to the National Museum this morning.  Looking at the statues of  the “1000 Buddha’s” was amazing.  Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take cameras into the museum. 

I also got to speak with my kids this morning, the first time since I’ve been away and  it’s the first easter I’ve been away.  They sound so young and excited about finding easter eggs.  They sound happy and are surviving well with dad.

I was met at the gate at school today by a  boy I’ve befriended and his little sister (not by blood) who came to school today.  They both greet me with hugs and the little one, who I’m guessing would be maybe two, puts her hands up to me to pick her up.  She was beautiful and came into class with us.  She did some drawings and even said “cha cha” to show me her scribble!  She fell asleep in class, with her big brother propping her head up with his hand.  We move her at the end of class to rest in the medical room bed (at the school) until it is time to go home.

We head out to dinner and support a charity night fundraiser  – trivia night, and am proud to say we didn’t come last!  We called ourselves the “Matilida’s” to show our Aussie flag.

Grateful for meeting such wonderful spririted children.


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