If You’re Happy and You Know It

Day 121:  This morning we went to look at another charity called Green Gecko Project which is like New Hope but far more advanced having been established six years now and with funding from Rotary and other private companies who want to make a difference and have social justice teams.  The difference this group has made is unbelievable, and we cried to see what can be achieved, and how much further New Hope needs to go.  So with more awareness I hope more people get behind New Hope  and donate or volunteer, every bit helps.

We play games and sing with the kids in class today.  They learn songs by rote and never adapt them, so today for a change I did an adaption of “if you’re happy and you know it” to include a “wiggle”  with myself wiggling my butt.  Well they thought this was hilarious and soon I had them all wiggling.  Finding a greater connection to the kids now and it’s not uncommon for them to hug and hang off you before and after class.

Grateful for laughter and happiness I shared with these kids today. Their characters aren’t suppressed by the conditions they live in, which could easily be the case.


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