Opposites: Pool/village

Day 119: Alleluia I slept last night and feel much better.  We go down to Pub Street for breakfast and decide to have a pool morning before we head into school.  The pool is part of a resort which we can pay $5 to use for the day.  We swam and lazed by the pool, great to be able to cool off.  Makes you wonder if the people staying here at this resort venture out to the village? Are they oblivious to the poor world outside the resort?

School was different today.  Our other volunteer teacher (the one who’s been there a year) didn’t come today, so Lisa and I are on our own – yikes.  We haven’t prepared a lesson, but luckily our khmer teacher (who is lovely and studying to be a teacher at university) has it under control.  She just gives us a plan and we just lead the class.  We teach the alphabet with the young ones and do lots of singing, they love to sing. The older group had maths today, learning the numbers and words in English.  We took clothes to school that we brought with us to hand out to the kids.  We gave some of the older girls some bras and they giggled and squealed to see them. Priceless!

After school we head out to Tapas tonight.  Special $1 per plate, $1 cocktails.  I think between six of us we spent $36 – unbelievably cheap night.

Grateful for a good night’s sleep, what a difference.


One response to “Opposites: Pool/village

  1. love reading your story so far…looking forward to next instalment

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