Blue day

Day 118:  Didn’t sleep well, and had a little melt down this morning.  Feeling ill, sleep deprived which makes me home sick.  I shower and get dressed and head out to breakfast with the girls to distract myself.  After brekky we head into town to the day markets.  It’s so bizarre to haggle over everything.  It ends up you can get nearly everything for one dollar.

At school today I was able to get more involved with the class and even read a story to the young ones.  Felt more useful in class today.

After school we head straight into town (6pm) and get a 50 cent beer for happy hour (happy hour here runs from 9am -9pm 🙂 ) and chill out listening to some Michael Jackson playing on the stereo.   After dinner we go exploring to find the night market.  Some of the girls have the nack for haggling down pat.  Not too late a night  and head home, hopeful for some sleep tonight please.


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