Paper Crane

Day 103:  I was looking up some craft projects to take with me to Cambodia to teach the kids. One of the items the school was interested in receiving was more origami paper/ workbooks. So today I looked up how to make a paper crane, after my son told me they had read the book at school Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes . If you don’t know the story (which is true)  it is about a young girl who develops leukemia after the atomic bomb was dropped in HiroshimaJapan in 1945.  Sadako starting making paper cranes after her best friend made one for her and spurred on by the Japanese saying that one who folded 1,000 cranes was granted a wish.

Anyway I found out I really suck at following instructions for origami! I couldn’t follow the written instructions and ended up searching youtube for  video instruction to help. And finally I have my paper crane, not perfect, but at least resembles a crane!

It’s a lovely sentiment about the paper crane in Sadako’s story and today I’m thankful to know about this and to try to pass it on to you.


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