3 F’s: Friends, Family, Farm animals

Days 101 & 102: I went away with the kids to visit some friends and family this weekend, while hubby went on his sabbatical boys surfing weekend. We had a great time with friends. I meet up with my girlfriends who are travelling to Cambodia with me and went  through our final plans – very exciting, but am also nervous now. My lovely girlfriend cooked some Cambodian recipes for us to try, and if this is anything to go by, the food should be delicious!

I also took the kids to visit my parents, where there is endless stuff for the kids to do. They have a backyard mini farm with chooks, ducks, budgies, cockatoo and not to forget their old dog too. The kids love to potter around the animals, collect the eggs, feed them grain. So the photo’s today is a collection of the typical things they find at Nan & Pops. They also grow their own vegetables, which you’ll see, and my dad is a famous collector (or horder) and you see old things lying around the yard too – old doors, tyres, wheelbarrows.   I’m blessed to be surrounded this weekend with love, for which I’m grateful.


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