City and a Funeral

Day 99: A strange day today. I had a family funeral to attend on my mother’s side, which meant I had to drive through the city (something I don’t do often). So here are some shots of Sydney from my mobile phone, while waiting in traffic. It was interesting at the funeral to hear someone’s life being summed up and because my uncle is my parents vintage, a lot of things are similar to my parents. For example, my uncle was a practical man, a man of few words, who’d rather do something practical like mow the lawn to show he cares, rather than any D&M conversations. Men of their vintage don’t discuss emotions. And so in the sermon my cousin said when he’d call up his dad on the phone, he was lucky to get an answer to a “how are you dad” before being passed over to mum! This is so true for me too. I don’t have long conversations with my dad either, similar to this he passes you over to mum for the emotional stuff! Today I’m thankful for my parents. They grew up in different times to me and have had to struggle to make their way. I feel a real appreciation for them, a deep love, honour and respect for who they are and what they’ve achieved.


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