Day 100: Wow a hundred days and I’m still doing this! Can’t believe I’ve persisted with the 365 days of gratitude.  I wish I had something really good to post, but unfortunately I am recovering from my soccer game last night.  I was pounded with a ball into my stomach at short-range by a girl who was trying to “bend it like Beckham” and it knocked the wind out of me.  Usually I get up and just keep going, but I couldn’t get myself off the ground.  I was rasping for breath, I’ve never been winded before.   So today I have posted the red mark on my stomach left from the ball!  Not very interesting sorry, but all I could manage.  Today I’m grateful for the use of my body and breath, again you don’t know how much you take it for  granted, until you can’t use it!


One response to “100/365

  1. ouch!!!
    have a great week end x

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