Skinny Latte Fun Facts

Day 97: What is a skinny latte?  Since I have one every day I thought I’d share my delight with you.  Latte’s are creamy steamed milk poured over a single-shot of espresso, holding back the lighter froth at the top, but in my case skim milk (term: skinny).  It is usually served in a glass, but sometimes a small ceramic cup (no handle).

Skim milk has no fat. Some people may balk at the idea of skim milk, saying it’s not as creamy as full cream milk, but honestly if they have steamed the milk right (good barista essential) you wouldn’t know because it tastes the same, just less calories!   Here are the calorie differences: for a small latte (280ml) skim there is 98 calories, but the same with full cream milk has 182 calories which is nearly double!  I haven’t overlooked the coffee, I have a few favourite brands, Danes Coffee, Karmee,and many others. Sugar is optional (this adds the calories back).

So I am grateful every day for my skinny latte.  And it not only fixes my caffeine addiction, it’s also good for my health, good source of calcium, protein, Vitamin D which all adds up to strong bones.  Go out and get yourself a latte today it’s good for your bones!

PS. I hope you like my new watermarking 🙂 and that I have justified my caffeine addiction 🙂


2 responses to “Skinny Latte Fun Facts

  1. your water mark is cute 🙂 Love the pic of the latte !!! I am a coffee addict too LOL 🙂

  2. yum…they look delicious

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