Watermarking photo’s

Day 96: I’ve been looking into watermarking photo’s and it seems there is a divide in people whether it is a good idea or not. The pro’s are it deters people from stealing your photos, and I say deter, because apparently watermarking can be edited out with photoshop! The other issue was that of ruining a good shot with writing on it! Well I’m still divided about this, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in stealing my photo’s at this stage, but who knows the future. There was another issue, of whether you could bulk watermark your photo’s for example, if they are already on Flickr, or another photo hosting site or whether you’d have to edit them individually, which is time consuming. I know you can add words to your photo’s on Picnik, but again a slow process to do it one by one. I’d like to hear any advice about this, so if you have an opinion, have your say here!

Today I’m grateful for this technology, of chatting, writing your thoughts, putting photo’s up on the internet, and chatting with a variety of people around the world….who’d have thought this was possible!  PS.  Is my watermarking over the top?   🙂


3 responses to “Watermarking photo’s

  1. Hmmm… your watermark looks okay to be honest. Try making it a little ‘translucent’ like how I’ve done with my photos on my website: fotolusion | http://www.fotolusion.com

    And the pink doesn’t suit it in the first place…

  2. I also realized one other thing. If you make the copyright text a very minuscule one, placed at the bottom right or something like that, others can easily crop it to leave out the text and use it wherever they want. So making a prominent copyright symbol which is bold cum transparent somewhere in the middle will make sure that this doesn’t happen.

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