Day 94:  Recycle day.  We had a big clean out of “things” we’d been holding onto from previous houses, that had been piled up in our garage, just collecting dust.  Feels great, such a relief to give them away to others who might find them useful. (Made my hubby do a big salute to the sun from yoga, in our driveway to mark an ending to one part of our live, time to let go, take a deep breath and move forward).  We also cleaned out a whole lot of vegetation (leaves, leaves and more leaves).  We have a lovely canopy of trees around our house, a beautiful big fig tree, lots of palm trees for a lovely tropical holiday feel and of course gum trees….but boy do they make a mess! Thankful today for letting go of stuff and feeling refreshed, no  baggage so to speak.  Time for a fresh start.

Floating Flag


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