Thoughts on family

Day 85: Lots of things going through my head at the moment. I’ve had news within the last week that one of my sister’s has breast cancer, which they have removed by lumpectomy but also found it was in her lymph nodes so had to have a second operation for this and radiation for six months to follow. Also my dad was having a routine skin check up and they found a melanoma which was removed and luckily had found it early enough…they said if it was six months later my dad would have been in real trouble! Then just to add to the mix, I found out another sister (who has a clot in her leg) is also having marriage problems….All of this makes you consider your life, your family (who I really don’t see often enough).  We are a big family with me being the youngest of eight.  And you’d think we would be closer, but unfortunately we’re spread across distances and life have taken us on different paths.  It’s hard to find words of support for them that will make a difference.  I guess it is just being there and knowing they can call on you.   So today I am grateful for doctors who found these cancers and that now we have the opportunity to fight, with medicine, with healthy lifestyles and lots of love and support.


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