Day 76:  Do you ever wake up feeling alive and refreshed?  I want that feeling.  I’ve never really been a morning person and it runs in the family with my kids being the same.  Every morning is frantic, do this, get dressed, brush your teeth, have you got…, just to get out the door in time for school.  How would I ever manage this and a job to go to, I applaud all of you who manage both home and careers.  I think I’ll have to create my own work to suit my hours…now what to choose?  It’d be great to take photos for a living, since I already love to do it.  But is it really a high demand job…people can take their own photo’s these days with digital cameras and printing at home. Then there is the art perspective – do people buy art anymore?  It’s one thing to love art and photos and being creative, but it’s another to sell it!

Gratitude for today would have to be my family.  Sometimes you want to throttle them (like the mornings) but they give love continually and support, and should not be taken for granted. Speak to them with mindfulness, say please and thank you, or do you mind if…. and most of all tell them you love them, every day.

Beach walk today

This was again taken by my mobile phone camera – not too bad.


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