Shark Attack on Sydney Beach

Day 71: Found out early this morning there had been a shark attack not far from where I live, and not any better, they were people I know. Shocking to think it can happen (which we know there is always a possibility when you swim in the ocean) but it is always somewhere else or to someone we don’t know. Thankfully it all ended well (as well as can be for a shark bite)

  1.  He is still alive
  2. Not too badly hurt (few stitches) and embedded shark teeth removed.
  3. Found out it wasn’t a baby great white (which they initially thought) but a wobbegong (which are know to be quite passive).
  4.  Beach was closed to prevent further danger.


 Will I be going back in the water anytime soon….no way, I’m sticking to the rockpool!

For those belittling it as only a “scratch”, find some empathy, I wonder if you would call it a scratch if a wobbegong bit you!


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