Release the endorphins

Day 64:  Routine day, nothing much to report except my excitement of returning to play soccer (futsal) with my team this evening.  I absolutely love to play sport (if you haven’t noticed by all my activities) and this one of my favourite things.  I love the adrenalin, the endorphins, the comradery, the feeling of a sweet kick on the ball, with the ultimate scoring a goal.  I have to admit I am very  competitive but would hope people would agree with me, in that I’m a good sport and that it is not important to win (although I try)…. I’m just as excited that a great pass went to plan, or that someone in the team had a great hit at goal, or there was a great block!  I’m lucky and thankful to our great team, winning isn’t everything it’s how you play the game that counts.


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