Bluebottle sting

Day 61:  I have never had a bluebottle sting until today…which is amazing living near the beaches in Australia and the amount of time I spend at the beach.  It wrapped around one of my ankles and didn’t feel too bad to start with.  If you’ve never had a bluebottle sting either, it stings a little at first but the pain grows.  There are  many theories about what you should do after a sting.  You used to have to pour vinegar on it, then it was cold water, and now they say hot water.  We had only just arrived at the beach and I didn’t want to make the family leave, so I poured my bottle of drinking water on it, which relieved it for a second and then the stinging was back.  I also had an ice bottle, which I then left on my ankle which sufficiently numbed it until I could have a hot shower at home.  Needless to say, I didn’t go back in the waves that day!


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