Las Vegas never sleeps

Day 54:  Another big driving day to Las Vegas.  Arrive just as sun going down, and all the lights are coming on for the Casino Strip.   The lights are really what makes Vegas interesting.  Lots of big casino’s, lots of people walking the streets all night.  You can easily loose track of time as the shops, restaurants, casino’s are open really late.  Did lots of walking here and am amazed at the kids stamina to keep going.  Also an eye opener for the kids.  Wouldn’t really  recommend Vegas for kids, had to do some explaining about why women were dancing on tables (this was in our own hotel/casino as you walk to your rooms) and why people were handing out nude – yes totally nude business cards of women with phone numbers to ring!  On the bright side, lots of shows to watch – water show outside the hotel, Treasure Island pirate battle show (which again includes skimpy girls dancing ….hmmmm) aquarium, monorails, acrobatics, magic shows.

Day 54: Excalibur Hotel/Casino


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