Does the Grand Canyon really exist?

Day 56:  A Griswald day today, driving to find the Grand Canyon!  You would think it would be easy to find the Grand Canyon, I’ve seen the Brady Bunch having donkey rides into it, I’ve even flown over it many years ago (before kids) but do you think we could find it, driving ourselves. 

Not to mention we have a TomTom to help navigate us throughtout our travels (better known as Homie to us, as we downloaded Homer Simpson’s voice as we travelled in the US – seemed appropriate).  But when you type in Grand Canyon as the destination where should it take you?  Hmmmm seems Homie didn’t know either. So we head in the general direction,we know we have to go past Hoover Dam, seems logical so we set Homie to take us there.  No problem, we find the Dam.   Next destination the Grand Canyon, but Homie is a bit quiet now as it seems he wants a street address – is there a Grand Canyon Street?   No there isn’t!  So we decide to just follow the Highway and we might see some signs saying “Grand Canyon Lookout This Way”! – Nope.  Three hours of driving now and we see a sign saying the Skywalk Lookout – Views of the Grand Canyon.  Great!  We turn and follow road, with the sun starting to lower now, and I think to myself “this will be perfect, pictures of the sunset in the Grand Canyon”.  

Another 40 minutes drive we get to the Skywalk Base, with the sun almost down, and are told we are too late.  “You need to catch a bus to the lookout from here, and the last bus left 40 minutes ago, we’re closed for the day”   D’oh!  

That was our Grand Canyon experience, and we drive back in the dark to Vegas.

we found the dam


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