Have Faith

Day 20: A friend gave me a book recently “Now is the Time” which is full of inspirational ways to seize the moment and I wanted to share “Have Faith” with you.  I’ve had a sick daughter for the last few days and I was getting a little tired of her neediness (little did I know she was doing something for me).  She was busy drawing today and brought this picture to me. It made me step back and simply appreciate her love and kindness, even though she was unwell. Soon she will be well again I just need a  little faith.

Now is the time to

have faith,

 In our cynical world, faith is ever more important,

Nurture your faith,

in yourself, in your beliefs, in love, in kindness.

Recognise it’s mystical powers,

Embrace it

Use it’s strength.

Picture of me by my daughter


One response to “Have Faith

  1. what a beautiful gesture… from your daughter…and from you in sharing. faith truly nourishes us when we need it the most.

    best wishes and with gratitude,

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