Love is in the air

365 Days of Gratitude:  Day 4 and love is in the air today.   Some question “what is love?” Google this and see what you come up with, very interesting.  I feel thankful and attracted to things today.  The beach was perfect, the old lady walking along the beach looked more beautiful than the young topless girls nearby.  She was confident, smiling and wrinkled… but it didn’t matter.  She knew who she was.  I’m grateful to feel love for others, for things, how empty life would be without it.

Day 4: LOVE


2 responses to “Love is in the air

  1. Where is today’s? I badly need to follow your example and see the good in things. Help me. Quick post your comment, it’s too hot for me to see the best in things today. Need to feel inspired!!!!

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